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What is glass blowing? No longer a niche artform, glassblowing is an ancient art that is growing in popularity.

Netflix shined a light on the glassblowing movement with their competition show “Blown Away”. Ten talented artists contend for $60,000 and the coveted “Champion” title.

The binge-worthy reality TV show has different challenges each episode. Viewers can see how the artists create their glass pieces from design, to finish. Glassblowing makes for great TV because it is captivating to watch. Admittedly, the process is so mesmerizing, it is easy to watch an entire season in one night. The 24-minute episodes contain suspenseful moments like, shattering glass, running out of time, and things not turning out the way the artist planned.

You can’t help but root for the competitors as they create their art. These skilled artisans use ancient techniques that are pure magic. According to the book Roman Mold-Blown Glass: The First Through Sixth Centuries by E. Marianne Stern, glassblowing derives from the first century BC.

More recently, an interest in glassblowing spiked throughout the 1960s, according to Stern. It seemed to fade into the background until the last few years. Netflix did not reinvigorate interest in glassblowing on their own, the show reflects the glassblowing movement that has already begun.

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